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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Windows Phone 7 OS "Mango" Ready for Release
The newest version of the Windows Phone OS, codename "Mango," has reached the release to manufacturing stage (RTM).

7 Ways Google+ Users Are Getting More Out of Their Circles
We've talked to users who have devised clever ways to use Google+ circles. Here they share their best practices so you can learn from their early mistakes and successes.

Technolog from - New BlackBerry 7 smartphones coming out ...
Keep checking BlackBerry's official tweets today, because it's teasing with promises of rolling out tonight devices with Research In Motion's newest smartphone OS, BlackBerry 7. VentureBeat is one of many outlets that ...

7 Tools to Assemble a Modern First Aid Kit
You don't know when these things could happen, so you should be prepared. And in addition to the normal supply of bandages, antiseptics and painkillers, we rounded up 7 tech-minded first aid solutions.

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